• Unsettling Photographs That Remain A Total Mystery

    […] following collection of photographs each capture a mystery that defies rational explanation1. Sure, some of them might not be real, but […]

  • Unsettling Photographs That Remain A Total Mystery

    […] Source: The Chive […]

  • These Mysterious Photos May Never Be Explained, Not Even By Science – Vaadi Online

    […] In 1964, French photographer Robert Serrec spotted and took a quick picture of what resembles a giant snake-like creature resting on the sea floor off the coast of Queensland, Australia. While some have offered the idea that it’s a giant tarp, no credible explanation has ever been found for this bizarre photo. Read Source […]

  • 10 Baffling Pictures Which Never Been Explained | Planet Exclusive

    […] Robert Le Serrec/ […]

  • 14 Fenomena Foto Paling Misterius yang Membuat Bulu Kuduk Berdiri - Liput.ID

    […] […]

  • भूत, चुड़ैल और उनके फ़ैमिली मेंबर्स पर यकीन न करने वाले भी ये तस्वीरें देखकर कहेंगे, कुछ तो है. – pintfy

    […] The Chive, List […]

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