Some high-res F-35 pilot luv (73 HQ Photos)

Yes…it's cost too much
Yes…it's taken too long
But let's give the guys testing this piece of technology some credit.
Take for example, the time it takes to get familiar with the F-35's helmet.
It's got Helmet Mounted Display Systems provide pilots with unprecedented situational awareness. All the information pilots need to complete their missions – airspeed, heading, altitude, targeting information and warnings – is projected on the helmet’s visor, rather than on a traditional Heads-up Display. This approach greatly reduces the pilot’s workload and increases responsiveness. Additionally, the F-35’s Distributed Aperture System (DAS) streams real-time imagery from six infrared cameras mounted around the aircraft to the helmet, allowing pilots to “look through” the airframe. The helmet also provides pilots night vision through the use of an integrated camera.

All standard standard modern technology…you say?
then you become an F-35 pilot.

It ain't easy.

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