A Weatherman Burned The F**k Out Of His Daughter On Twitter And It Went Viral

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned burn?

A weatherman in Atlanta, GA was reporting on an incoming snow storm in his area when he received a very millennial text from his daughter that turned into a hilarious viral news story.

Chris Holcomb is the chief meteorologist at WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

During a broadcast last week, Holcomb prepared the city for a potential snow storm he expected to hit very soon.

After his weather forecast aired, he received a text from his daughter…

“Maybe your weather app will pay for your college.”

Ruthless. Holcomb was floored that his daughter would trust an app over her chief meteorologist father, and his response is the perfect blow since they are currently looking at potential colleges together.

The internet adored his response. He tweeted the text conversation and, to Holcomb’s astonishment, the tweet quickly went viral. It currently has over 50,000 retweets and 150,000 likes.

He gained quite a few fans online.

“I keep hearing the term ‘savage’…” Holcomb told TODAY. “I had to ask my daughter if that’s good or bad.”

It’s good, Chris. So good.

According to his news station, 11 Alive, it did indeed snow, just not as much as Holcomb predicted. Take that, weather app.

This story first appeared on Berry.

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