‘Cash me ousside’ girl punches a woman in the face on an airplane

Since rising to fame almost overnight thanks to the power of internet memes, the ‘Cash me outside’ girl — AKA 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli — has been on the warpath. She brawled with another girl, threatened Dr. Phil’s assistant over the phone, and last night, she cold-cocked a female passenger on an airplane.

Bregoli and her mom were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX when the cat fight broke out. Mama Bregoli, wearing a foot cast, was struggling to put her carry-on bag in the overhead when a woman behind them got tired of waiting. Then things got physical.

The woman placed Danielle on citizen’s arrest after the punch. Police arrived shortly thereafter and yanked all three of them off the plane. TMZ reports that no one was arrested and no one pressed charges, but that each party’s lawyers would handle things from there.

Danielle, her mom, and the woman have all been permanently banned from Spirit Airlines.

God. Damn. The mom is way wilder than she let on in the Dr. Phil interview. Guess we know where Danielle got it from. She went straight for that lady’s throat. Call a mama’s daughter trash in front of her and the mitts come up. I respect it.

That lady deserved it, to be honest. She should have helped mom with the carry-on instead of getting pissed — she’s got a broken foot. And calling a 13-year-old “trash” to her face is scummy, no mater how obnoxious she is. Besides — and I’m probably alone on this one — I feel kinda bad for the “how bow dah” girl. Clearly unstable and her mom decides the best way to fix the problem is to throw her on a daytime talk show. A couple million memes later and this girl is screwed up beyond repair. It’s only a matter of time before she has a hit reality show.

But I mainly feel for the other passengers here. Just trying to get where they’re going when suddenly the close quarters erupt into an echo chamber of high-pitched shrieks. I had to turn the volume down watching the video, so I imagine at least a couple people blew an ear drum. Look what you’ve done, Dr. Phil.

h/t TMZ

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