This guy has a hilariously perfect plan for scamming Walmart out of millions

Walmart offers just about everything—sometimes you can even enjoy an insanely good Scooby Doo and Shaggy impression there. But for employees, working there sounds like a nightmare. Though, let’s be real here, work basically sucks for all of us. One dude, however, is beyond all that fuckshit. He’s waiting to get P’d on so he’ll never have to work again.

When we say “P’d” on, we literally mean this dude is waiting to get hit with the (already barely-hanging-on) letter ‘P’ sign of Walmart’s Pharmacy. And if/when it does, he’s going to sue the shit out of Walmart. It’s basically a genius get-rich-quick scheme, except it’s not actually very quick, ya know?

When @ToyinLies2Girls posted the now-viral tweet, the dude had apparently already been stoically chilling below the sign for four hours.

That’s dedication. That’s what The American Dream is all about, right? Waiting to sue corporations?

Some people are critiquing the man’s technique, offering advice on how to maximize his chances:

Others on Twitter are just as mind-blown as we are:

But c’mon, we can all understand his situation at least a little bit:

Of course, the dude isn’t the only one waiting around:

It’s unclear if the dude’s still hanging out under the sign. Either way, we’re impressed that the dude put the ‘P’ in patience like that, and we hope he does get hit with the sign—uh sorry, that is the nice thing to do, right? Or should we hope he does not get hit? After all, the man could die.

Fuck it, let’s just wait and see what happens.

h/t someecards

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