This is the new meme the kids are using and it’s everywhere (10 Photos)

It seems like just yesterday we were leaving Trash Doves all over the internet. But thanks to the collective brilliance of social media, the memes just don’t stop coming. We already got a new reaction GIF taking over the web: the Drew Scanlon Reaction. Behold:

It first blew up after @eskbl tweeted the GIF, which indicates confusion, along with a joke about how hard biology is:

Now, the GIF is being included in a variety of tweets:

The GIF of Drew Scanlon, a popular video producer and podcaster in the gaming community, comes from a GiantBomb “Unprofessional Fridays” video from December 2013. The GIF first appeared in 2015—but now it’s finally blowing up.

And it’s really blowing up. It’s everywhere now. Scanlon must be amazed, and looking like one of the other GIFs of him:


[h/t Mashable and Know Your Meme]

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