This guy’s story about his stolen sex doll is the must-read story about sex dolls of the day

Look, when it comes to sex, some of us are into weird stuff. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? But this dude is especially kinky—and his story about his ‘stolen’ sex doll is quite a ride.

It was weird from the start. Somebody sent this guy a sex doll. It apparently wasn’t the one he had hoped for, but he was still fine with it.

Alright, maybe it’s kinda unusual to post about that on Facebook, but he’s just doing him (and his doll).

But then his relationship with his sex doll took a tragic turn—somebody stole it, which left him “feeling alone and sad.” He claimed to have already contacted police though.

If you were hoping the police would save his sex doll, I have bad news. The dude claimed that the police found “her” in the back of a meth addict’s car. The man wrote on Facebook that the meth addict “was chopping up my sex doll to get to the metal skeleton so he could junk it for meth money.” What?!?

Crazy and tragic story, eh? Well, the story isn’t true, the dude later admitted. It gets even creepier.

“Got to come clean,” he explained. “The doll’s pussy ripped while I was fucking it.” He added, “I’m sorry for lying to friends and fans.”

The final twist of the wild story is blowing people’s minds.

Turns out, the dude has a lot of confidence. Although he went with the sex doll, “I could have sex with ANY girl 18 years of age or older if I applied myself,” the dude has claimed.

Well then. That settles that. If you’re able to find a crazier sex doll story, please share it with us.

h/t Distractify 

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