5 Trever Noah “Daily Show” Bits That Rival Anything Jon Stewart Ever Did

South African comedian Trevor Noah was a surprise choice to take over The Daily Show when Jon Stewart announced his departure in 2015, but he’s more than held his own as the host of Comedy Central’s late night political comedy show. Here are some of Noah’s most memorable bits from his brief tenure, which prove he was a worthy choice to pick up Stewart’s mantle of speaking truth to power and calling out bulls*** wherever he sees it.

In his first appearance on the show in 2014, Noah talked about his youth growing up in separatist South Africa…and how America is way more scary.

Early in the last presidential election, Noah pointed out how wrong opponents to Donald Trump were in saying that the eventual victor was not fit to be president—because he already showed the same flair and style as your average African dictator.

In his first episode as host, Noah openly addressed the fact that he was an immigrant taking away a job from an American or a female comedian who would be suited to the job. It’s just that, well, they turned it down. (He’s probably talking about Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler, both who were reportedly offered the gig before Noah.)

In a segment called “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That,” Noah laments how there’s just such a routine information overload, particularly of terrifying information, that there’s just not enough time to process so much news.

No one is more qualified to speak on the phenomenon of fake news than the host of the show that created fake news. In this piece, Noah and his Daily Show cohorts hold a proper funeral for facts.

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