A Guy Discovered His Blind Date Was A Former Olive Garden Manager And He Asked Every Question You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

If there’s one thing we can agree on in this world overrun with political mayhem, it’s that Olive Garden breadsticks are an invaluable life force we could not survive without. A tad dramatic, you may think, but you know I’m right.

A Twitter user named Joe Wadlington recently went on a spontaneous date and discovered that the man who joined him for dinner used to be the General Manager of the Times Square Olive Garden. Needless to say, he hit the jack pot and he shared his entire amazing encounter on Twitter for our hungry souls to enjoy.

Last night, Twitter user Joe Wadlington unexpectedly found himself on a date with the former General Manager of the Times Square Olive Garden. Yes, really.

Naturally, this information inspired quite a few questions and Wadlington decided to share them along with his date’s responses on Twitter.

Thank god. Wadlington, you are an angel. I would’ve asked all of these questions and then some.

First and foremost, the great and terrible breadstick dilemma:

I would be in denial too, tbh.

And what about the high prices:


Not to mention, an unbelievable difference in size:

Very impressed.

Of course, there’s a most popular dish:

Apparently, the unlimited combo isn’t common in their location though:


And once there was a dramatic AF knife fight:

A valid question.

However, running out of breadsticks is still worse than this situation:

Makes sense.

And it was at that moment that Wadlington realized he met his soulmate.


Unsurprisingly, people fell in love with this entire thread and couldn’t get enough.

TBH, we’d marry him too.

Unlimited breadsticks for life?

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