13 people confess the illegal thing they’re really good at

Most of us have broken the law at some point in our lives—whether it be a minor infraction like jaywalking or something more severe like grand theft auto. It’s human nature, no one can possibly follow every single rule.

That being said, Reddit decided to ask its audience about the one illegal thing they’re actually good at and their responses blew us away.

1. Ralphus999’s skill serves as a nice reminder to use your deadbolt.

Carding doors. I can get into most doors without a deadbolt in a matter of seconds. I’ve never used this skill to commit a crime, but I’ve used it on my own house or a friend’s when the keys got locked inside. People are always amazed at how easy it is, use your deadbolts!

2. liquorlanche, I wish I could get away with this.

Using gyms, without a membership. Whenever I’m away from home and still wanna work out, I jog to whatever gym so I’m nice and sweaty and just kinda stroll past the front desk, while pointing towards the back and making a facial expression like “Eeeh?” They just smile and wave me through.

3. So evil, _Volstag.

Putting one Canadian penny in a roll of American pennies. THE FOOLS HAVE NO IDEA!!!

4. meguin, I think we’re all guilty of that.

Jaywalking. It’s an important skill to have in Boston.

5. Where were you when I was in school, boogiemange?

I used to counterfeit documents in college. Mainly just school memos, parking permits, media passes, that type of thing, nothing crazy. At first it was just for a buddy, then a few people, then I started using my products myself. The trick is in the confidence, I was always good with words, but that stuff made me so much better at selling a lie. I haven’t messed with making fake docs in a while, but it led me to a new illegal skill: gaining entry into concerts and sporting events without tickets.

6. b8le is secretly the old man from UP.

Stealing balloons

I just really love balloons and I’m really good at getting them covertly.

Can’t help myself.

7. Suburbisattva keeps it trippy.

Growing mushrooms. Started as a way just to get psychedelics, then became a passion. Nowadays I only grow tubs of edible, non-exciting mushrooms. But, mycology is terribly interesting and very easy to get into if you have about $75 laying around.

8. We know the struggle, nonoohgodno.

Discreet public urination in moments of absolute, blind necessity.

I’m a woman.

9. Insanehouswife, that’s risky business.

Plagiarizing papers, I speak several languages so I find a paper on a similar topic online and translate it.

10. mynamesnotmolly has a very unique skill.

Pickpocketing. I didn’t learn how to do it on purpose, and I’ve never done it to steal. I’m just really good at taking things out of people’s pockets without them noticing. I’m also really good at putting things into people’s pockets.

11. Pure genius, PolishTea.

Using the self checkout lane to buy organic fruits and vegetables at non-organic prices.

12. I’ve never understood why people do this, faramir21.

Stealing street signs. I don’t know why, but my friends and I would do this all the time in HS. We had it down to a science.

13. heliman566, you and every other teenage boy.

Watching porn under the age of 18.

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