Bikini Bday greeting gone right + more clips you need to see this week! (Video)


Crossfit lift fail – Via Caters Clips
Kid races into door – Via Jukin Media
Guy crashes longboard on cattle guard – Via Caters Clips
Guy falls trying to kill moth – Via Jukin Media
Girl smashes boyfriends car – Via ViralHog
Girl falls using stretch bands – Via Jukin Media
Guy pours beer in friends mouth while surfing him – Via ViralHog
Old man punches bear trap – Via ViralHog
Kid tries wasabi for the first time – Via Jukin Media
Pug in a tote – Via ViralHog
Girl falls off float filming Birthday message – Via Jukin Media
Guy walks into light post – Via Jukin Media
Guy gets launched into lake with log catapult – Via Jukin Media

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