15 people on the moment they realized their significant other was 100% crazy

Obviously, not all relationships are meant to be. Most of us have dated our share of not-so stellar human beings in the past, some more than others. However, in many of these situations the person doesn’t always reveal their downfalls right away. This is not to say that anyone is perfect, but there are a few extra special people out there that are on their own level of batshit crazy.

Reddit asked its users about the moment they realized their boyfriend or girlfriend was a bit unhinged and the responses did not disappoint. Be careful out there guys.


1. Hell_Mel probably should’ve seen that one coming.

Dated a Schizophrenic for a minute, she was well medicated and for the most part pretty it seemed pretty mild. She had a few issues with being kind of out of touch with reality, but that’s expected.

Then she fucking stabbed me over her birthday cake.

2. Outrageous_Claims had a heavy weight to bear.

I was 16 years old, and we were in her hot tub.

I was talking about this episode of Futurama that I had seen the other night. It was The Luck of the Fryrish.

She just blurted out, “You know if you left me, I’d kill myself.”

I hadn’t even thought of leaving her, until she said that, and then that’s all I could think about. I stayed with her for months and months because I believed she would have, and I couldn’t live with the guilt. I stayed with her so long that I began to hate her so much that I didn’t even care at that point if she did kill herself!

It was an important lesson on learning when to leave a relationship.

If anyone is concerned, she did not kill herself. As far as I know she is unhappily engaged.

3. Safe to say safetyalwaysoff5000 might be permanently scarred.

When she bit my johnson hard enough to draw blood for zero reason.


4. rastaway‘s ex may have some more deep-rooted issues.

Between the first and second punches to the face, during a fight that started when I found sketchy shit on her phone. Please note I really hate myself for going through her phone, but she ket going through mine secretly and I really had nothing to hide so I assumed she did. Bit of advice, if you feel the need to go through your significant others phone, the relationship is already over.

5. At least it wasn’t at you, cadomski.

When she took an axe to an end table during an argument.

6. steun88 was getting killed with kindness…I think.

She was very clingy and didn’t give me any space to hang out with friends etc. So I broke up. At that point I started realizing she was crazy. Every week she would keep sending me presents (bottles of wine, t-shirts, etc). In the beginning I find it funny, after a while it got annoying, so I asked her to stop. She proceeded giving presents to my friends and tell them it was something that belonged to me which I had left at the place.


7. Unfortunately for DrCool2016‘s SO, this was not correct.

When I went to break up with her and she said “No, that’s not how it works – we BOTH have to agree to break up in order to break up.”


8. Run, Middleclasstrash run!

He threw his brand new tv out the window cause I said I was going home.

9. TX_ambrosia, those are what we call red flags.

He called me a BUNCH of times in the span of a few minutes, like, inhumanly possible amount of times. He then accused me of cheating because the floor in front of my bathroom sink was wet. Yes. This was his reasoning.


10. Jesus, Go4PapaPalpatine get out of there.

He told me I should stop taking my birth control, lest I go to hell. I should also ask forgiveness for thinking it was a-okay to take it in the first place. Even if I weren’t taking it for contraceptive reasons, I would take it for other health ones. The latter didn’t matter to him. Birth control was a device for someone looking to act on Satan’s calling them to behave whorishly. He gave me a whole spiel on how I was only hurting myself in the end by being so selfish.

Also, he said no one would ever want to marry his child’s mother, but initially it sounded like he meant it was because of her behavior. Nope. It was because she’d had their kid out of wedlock. How this didn’t somehow apply back to him beats me.

Bullet. Dodged.

11. That sounds a bit sociopathic to me, eatgoodneighborhood.

My ex-wife’s mother had just died and I went to the funeral to be there for my ex (we were married for 8 years). My gf lost her shit when she found out I went to the funeral. I tried to explain to her that her mother had died and she told me “BOO-HOO, PEOPLE’S MOMS DIE”.

At the time, my own mother was in the process of dying and yeah, she knew this.

12. I_Stand_Correct, not sure what to tell you about that.

We were 16. I took her to my big family Christmas party. We were driving back with my family in our van, Christmas tunes blaring. Mom and Dad in the front. My 9 year old sister in the middle. Me and my girlfriend in the back.

And that was when she decided to pull my dick out and start playing with it. O come all ye faithful “You like that?” Joyful and triumphant “Maybe I should spit on it…” O come ye o come ye “I wish I could fuck you right here.” to Be-ethleham


13. Damn, the hanger is real MRTibbz98.

When she came into my room and started going through my trash demanding to know what I ate without her.

14. Ummm WTF PEDOSLOTH071299?

When she cracked an egg on my chest in the middle of the fucking night when she was horny.

15. joehc1 learned that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

We broke up normally. A few days later a bag turns up outside my front door and its soaking wet. I carry it inside and its a hoodie I’d lent to her that was slightly warm by wet. I thought nothing of it as it had been raining earlier that day and left it in my bath. I returned later to see yellow fluid coming out of it. She has pissed on the jumper and returned it. I freaked out and went to contact her on FB and saw shed been at a party and had burnt a picture of me and then done the deed. Strange girl…





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