A Woman’s Cheating Fiancé Was Busted Thanks To TripAdvisor Reviews

Uncovering a significant other’s transgressions is risky business, which often involves snooping and infringing on their privacy. However, British care worker Melanie Sheard only had to take a gander at TripAdvisor to realize that her fiancé was cheating on her with other women.

A little backstory: Sheard met her former partner, Pablo, when she was vacationing in Turkey. He was her hotel manager, and the two became engaged roughly a year after they first became involved.

However, Melanie became somewhat suspicious when she noticed Pablo becoming Facebook friends with multitudes of other British women.

“When I confronted him about it, he told me they were just guests,” Melanie told The Sun. “At first I believed, him. I knew how friendly he was at work, but a few months later I couldn’t shake my suspicions. I decided to see what I could find out, and remembered his hotel was on TripAdvisor.”

A bit of internet sleuthing led her to discover many incriminating reviews about Pablo.

“I found comments from girls saying they had an amazing holiday — all thanks to their fling with the manager. There were reviews from people warning others not to stay there as the manager was sleeping with loads of the guests. I felt sick.”

Naturally, discovering your partner’s infidelity on a travel advisor site (and a kind of outmoded one at that) is devastating and baffling — but Melanie is glad that she thought to check.

“At first I didn’t want to believe he would cheat, but when I saw it written in black and white online I was furious. He denied it at first but I had evidence from the girls he was cheating with. I never thought TripAdvisor would be where I’d go to find out if my partner was being unfaithful, but I’m forever glad that I did.”

As for Pablo, he vehemently denied everything to The Sun and essentially said that the whole thing wasn’t as it appeared.

“We were together for three years and English women throw themselves at me all the time at the resort, but I never cheated on Melanie. If she knew all these rumours about me cheating on her, why did she stay with me? The women who said I was all over them on TripAdvisor said that because I wouldn’t give them free drinks. The girls who Melanie contacted on Facebook are liars.”

Pablo may still be playing innocent, but, unfortunately for him, Melanie cut and run as soon as the evidence began to pile up. She has no intention of getting back together with Pablo, but admits that it was extremely difficult to tell everyone that the engagement was broken off.

“That was the hardest part, having to tell everyone it was off and every time I did it, I hated having to tell them why. I was so embarrassed. He just wanted me for my money — he didn’t even give me the cash back for the engagement ring I bought him.”

Even though it’s pretty embarrassing to discover your fiancé’s (alleged) infidelity in such a public forum, it does speak pretty highly to TripAdvisor. Maybe they should add a special option where you can search all of the best places to avoid sleazy guys?

This post first appeared on theBERRY.  

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