This woman’s thread making fun of how guys take selfies is spot on

As a woman, I will admit that there’s certain selfie behavior of which I’m 100% guilty. I frequently make my lips a bit too pouty, and I often raise my eyebrows a tad higher than is natural for me. (While these tried-n-true tactics usually result in an acceptable selfie, I am also fully aware that I look like an assh*le the entire time.)

And while guys might make fun of women for their tedious selfie rituals, they really shouldn’t be pointing any fingers. If anything, Snapchat and Tinder have proved time and time again that fellas are just as guilty of obnoxious selfie behavior as women (if not more so).

Just think about the number of shirtless pics you’ve seen on guys’ Tinder profiles, and you’ll realize this is an indisputable truth.

Twitter user Spooky Sedona recently decided to take her followers on a tour of the most iconic (read: totally cliché) poses used by dudes in their social media photos.

Wearing a snapback and a black crop-top, Spooky Sedona recreated hilariously predictable poses with a surprising level of accuracy.

There was the selfie with an unnecessary flash and the requisite water-stained mirror …

… the biceps selfie …

… the six-pack selfie …

… the “thoughtful” close-up …

… the awkward selfie-from-below …

… the gamer selfie …

… the not-so-humble-brag selfie …

… the “stacks on stacks” selfie …

… and, of course, the low-riding towel, post-shower pic.

Some Twitter users playfully pointed out that Spooky Sedona missed a few iconic poses during her roundup.

However, plenty of guys found the thread to be hilarious, pretty much saying “guilty as charged.”

Look, fellas, this isn’t to say that you should change your selfie game. (Although you should maybe stop carrying wads of cash for the sole purpose of a photo op.) But, the next time you mock a girl for trying to find her best light, just remember: she may be the pot, but you’re the kettle.

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