British students just found out Americans share dorm rooms and they’re freaking out

It’s fairly standard for college students to live in fairly cramped quarters during their school years. It’s almost like it’s one of the rites of passage: sharing a room, dealing with an RA, snagging cereal from the dining hall at weird hours, and finding a way to hook up with someone when your roommate is out.

However, at British universities (or, as they tend to colloquially refer to them, “unis”), the practice of sharing rooms is somewhat uncommon — and people in the UK had a field day on Twitter when they realized that American students often deal with some pretty intimate living situations.

British students (former and current) had a hard time grasping the reality that, yes: many American students share their dorm rooms/sleep in the same room as another roommate. (At least for their underclassmen years.)

People in the UK think that the idea sounds freaky, for some reason.

And, to be fair, they do have a point about everything else in America being on the comparatively huge side.

They are shocked that privacy is basically nonexistent.

Considering the amount of student debt you’re incurring, it is admittedly kind of shocking that you aren’t even awarded your own space.

(Although, honestly, considering the state of American healthcare, none of this should be surprising.)

Naturally, American students felt compelled to stand up for the roomie system, which can actually impart some valuable lessons.

Many students actually make some of their closest friends during their dorm days, so perhaps there’s something to the close-quarters madness after all.

Then again, if you end up rooming with a snorer — you may find yourself longing to go to “uni” overseas.

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