Twitter is cackling over the ‘real’ reason there’s a random handle in your car

When the internet puts its collective mind to something, there is almost nothing that cannot be accomplished. (Except for solving crimes and saving the world and tracking my mysteriously vanishing packages.) Pretty much any query can be solved with a few minutes of haphazard Googling and casual social media callouts.

One Twitter user discovered this truth when she enlisted the help of Twitter to solve a timeless and vexing mystery.

Twitter user Aimee was recently musing about the inner workings of her vehicle (isn’t that always the case?), when she was prompted to ask her followers: what the heck is the intended use for those handles inside the car?

Twitter naturally had lots of helpful suggestions.

Some of them even made a significant amount of sense/were probably the correct answer all along.

However, one person’s theory made the entirety of Twitter come together to say: “Fucking yes.”

People were 100% on board with the theory that these handles are meant for reactionary passengers in a dramatic driving situation. (And that they are colloquially known as “‘Oh, Shit’ Handles.”)

So, there you have it folks: this may not actually be the intended use for the mysterious handle, but it’s definitely the more practical usage. If you ever want your friend in the driver’s seat to slow down, all you need to do to get your point across is cling desperately to one of the “‘Oh Shit’ Handles.”

(Although I will confess: I’ve only used the “‘Oh Shit’ Handle” to hang up clothes, so, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just living my life incorrectly.)

This post first appeared on theBERRY.  

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