5 of Dr. Pimple Popper’s grossest and most loved pops

If there’s anything more delightful than a new Dr. Pimple Popper video, I don’t want to know about it. As theBERRY’s official “Watch this zit video for us,” dermatology fanatic, I’m gifted the task of bringing to our audience only the best, most intriguing blackhead extractions, cyst pulls, and lipoma removals – and boy does Dr. PP deliver!

These are the videos that we loved to sit back and gag over, and apparently you did too!

1. When she practically birthed this melon-sized lipoma from a man’s neck

Not sure what’s worse: the sound of scissors cutting through layers of skin, or the doc’s fingers sliding around to pry out this massive lipoma. But what she gets out is almost brain-like in size and color. Her patient must be so stoked to not have that sucker poking out from under his shirt collar anymore.

2. When this “BEAR of a lipoma” managed to shock even Dr. PP

This monster even the good doctor wasn’t prepared for. She wrote on her YouTube page “Initially I thought it maybe, just maybe would pop out almost whole…” Of course, it didn’t go as expected.

3. When she destroyed a huge blackhead goldmine and we were horrified/delighted

This isn’t just any normal ol’ pimple. This is a “Dilated pore of Winer.” For those less familiar with dermatological terms, it’s basically when dead skin cells get stuck and widen the pore, plugging up its opening. Dr. PP explains that what comes out is “the macerated, white, soggy keratin/skin cells from the deeper portion of the pore,” but we’d simply call it the grossest gunk ever.

4. When she was Jammin’ while removing the deepest blackhead we’ve ever seen

This thing is so gnarly, Dr. Lee had to cut into the skin surrounding the blackhead so that she could  get her extractor tool under the skin and pry this sucker out. So. Damn. Satisfying.


5. When were were mesmerized by the landscape of tiny cycts removed from a woman’s butt

Returning fans of Dr. Pimple Popper are familiar with her work on the “Momma Squishy,” who unfortunately has to deal with recurring steatocystomas (benign cysts that produce sebum) on her entire body. In this case, it’s her bum.

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