These “First of all” tweets are so good they don’t need a second point

Sometimes people are just straight up annoying. It’s not like you woke up and thought to yourself, “I cannot fucking wait for someone to test me.” But lo and behold someone does, and you have to activate the FOA switch with a quickness. Hopefully you’ve at least had your coffee first so you can really pack a verbal punch.

If you’ve ever had to start a retort with “First of all,” these jokes will make your resting bitch face perk up.

1. Who dis? 

2. Wish you were a little bit taller. 

3. Noods, not nudes. 

4. Nor my bed. 

5. LOL, got ’em!

6. Where’d that key go?

7. Better just hit that Unfollow, then. 

8. Cold blooded. 

9. *Makes the sign of the cross*

10. Yes, always yes.  

11. Um, same. 

12. New phone. 

13. Otherwise known as Senior year. 

14. Why are you so obsessed with me?

15. Wanderlust or bust. 

16. Fast forward. 

17. Can’t see you, period. 

18. These dudes…

19. This notebook is just a prop.

20. RBF, coming in hot.

21. I was already up, bro.

22. Get paid.

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