Girls, pups, and condoms that bite + more clips you need to see this week (Video)

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Kid falls down bleachers – Via ViralHog
Girl lights balloon in butt – Via ViralHog
Batdog eats cheese – Via ViralHog
Dog dressed up in car – Via ViralHog
Lion bites man’s hand – Via Jukin Media
Biker knocked out by jump – Via ViralHog
Motorcycle hit and run – Via ViralHog
Motorcycle beginner crashes into car – Via ViralHog
Motorcycle crashes into cafe – Via ViralHog
Plus sized man shows off dance moves – Via Storyful
Car wash attendant pulled into spinner – Via ViralHog
Cliff jumper lands on boat – Via Jukin Media
Drunk girl falls off fridge – Via ViralHog
Girl bites off fish head – Via ViralHog
Girl accidentally shaves eyebrow – Via ViralHog

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