Chrissy Teigen had a super bizarre realization about how iPhones classify your saved photos

When scrolling through my iPhone photos, I have always been vaguely aware of the search bar that’s made available in my digital camera roll. However, I’ve never thought about what this feature actually does — that is, until several Twitter users pointed out the strange and slightly bizarre results which occur when you attempt to use said search bar.

Specifically? This little search feature can immediately round up all of your scantily clad and topless pics with a simple push of a button.

This was brought to Twitter’s attention when one smartphone user noticed that searching the term “Brassiere” on her iPhone’s camera roll brought up all photos featuring cleavage, bras, bikinis and lingerie.

She encouraged other women to do the same on their own phones to see for themselves.

Never one to miss out on the opportunity to flaunt some cleavage pics, Chrissy Teigen participated in the social experiment, confirming that, yup: the search term brought up pretty much every busty selfie she’d ever taken.

Why do smartphones feature this weird and slightly perv-y option?

Well, according to The Verge, it’s simply part of the image recognition software on your phone. You can search a number of terms which your phone is trained to pick out from your camera roll (with varying degrees of success).

However, The Verge says that it is notable that smartphone users are just now becoming aware of this image recognition development:

Despite the fact that this categorization has been around for over a year, there’s something to be said about users just finding out about it now. Considering that machine learning image recognition was hyped as a prominent Google Photos feature since May 2015, I was surprised to find out that the Photos app on my iPhone had the same feature. Most people know about the facial recognition and Memories features on their phones, but based on the reactions from today, it’s likely that many people (myself included) now know just how specific the image categories can get.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: the coding for your phone’s image recognition does not include anything related to male genitalia or clothing.

As The Verge reports:

One thing to note here is that while women’s undergarments like “bra” are listed as categories, there’s no mention of men’s boxers or briefs. Clearly someone had to have made a conscious decision to include (or not include) certain categories. Even “corset” and “girdle” are on the list. Where is the same attention to detail for mens’ clothing?

While this feature seems like it could be marginally helpful if you’re trying to round up certain types of photos, it does seem suspect that women’s undergarment are searchable while men’s are not.

Yet another reason to be wary of the types of pics you store on your phone — and a good excuse to maybe not let a stranger scroll through your photos.

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