This viral family Christmas card sums up what it’s like being THAT sibling

Emily Seawright and her family are just like many families out there. When they get together before December rolls in, they take a family photo to use for their Christmas card. This year they didn’t just settle for a group shot near a neighborhood lake though. They got creative.

The holidays are surely a time to share big life moments and the Seawright family has some news to share. Emily’s siblings held up signs sharing their current couple status as “Engaged” and “Expecting.” Excited for their children and these big milestone moments, her parents held up a sign declaring “Excited.” Then there is Emily, who doesn’t have anything new to share, as the punchline of the photo.

Emily’s family couldn’t think of an E-word and decided to blast her singlehood by letting her share her own name. She quickly became the star of the whole set-up and her name became a relationship status itself.

Apparently, families are just savages when you’re the only lonesome one in the group.

Aren’t we all Emily this Christmas? Tweet it and someone may just come a-knocking.

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