This guy sent breakup texts to a bunch of random numbers, and honestly, it went surprisingly well

Breaking up with someone is an emotionally exhaustive experience. That is, unless you’re attempting to break up with a total stranger, in which case the ordeal is decidedly more chill.

One writer recently did a ridiculously simple social experiment to see how people reacted to being dumped by a random number — and the responses were surprisingly receptive.

Mike Primavera recently came up with a “brilliant”(?) plan for building his own confidence: he sent out texts to a bunch of random numbers, letting the recipients know that he was breaking up with them.

It was a bold plan, but hey — what could go wrong?

The reactions, as expected, were a total mixed bag.

Some people simply tried to tell Mike that he had the wrong number.

Another person played along spectacularly.

Generally, people seemed to have a decent sense of humor about getting dumped by a random number.

Some people tried to remind Mike that breakup texts are pretty heartless (to no avail).

Oh, and let’s not forget about the kind soul who was really just concerned about the cats.

Ultimately, I’m sure that a bunch of people learned that being dumped via text by a random number doesn’t effect them in any way, and Mike learned that breaking up with random people gives you a major power trip. Win-win?

Mike may never stop dumping strangers, now that he’s seen some of the reactions — in fact, judging from his most recent screenshots, he’s escalated to divorcing people.

My condolences to anyone who received one of these texts — not because you thought it was real, but because getting trolled by a random number requires a considerable amount of patience.

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