15 people who trusted their gut feeling and dodged some major bullets

Call it intuition, premonition, or just using your brain, but some unfortunate and downright dangerous situations were thankfully avoided here.

Always trust your gut, folks.

1. knuck887 dodged a bullet

I was 16 and lifeguarding at a water park, and a hot chic in a bikini was flirting with me hard. when I finished my shift, she says she wants to make out in my truck. Maybe twenty seconds in, she wants some sex, and I say I don’t have a condom. “I don’t care, just stick it in, even if it’s quick”. Wtf? Red flag goes off, and I dropped her back off at the park. School starts that fall and she transferred to my school. She’s pregnant- turns out she was trying to pin the pregnancy on me.

2. Erika216’s little girl may have a the shining. 

One day when my daughter was 4 years old we were leaving the post office and she starts sobbing uncontrollably and begging me not to die. Crying and crying that she wasn’t ready for me to die. It took me over an hour to calm her down. For the rest of the day I felt dread in my stomach and worried something was going to happen. My dad died that night. It was like she knew something was coming, she just had the wrong person.

3. Miranda was a smart kid. 

I’ve told this story many times, and it never ceases to amaze me how creepy it was.

I was almost kidnapped. When I was 13, my mom and I were in a tourist shop in the small town we lived in. I noticed this woman eyeing me, but didn’t think anything of it. My mom called me over to look at something saying “Miranda, come look at this dress.” I noticed the woman leave the shop. I looked at the dress and went back to looking around. I lost track of my mom. Then, the woman came back through the door, and asked me if my name was Miranda. I said yes. She told me to come with her because my mom was in the next shop, and sent her to get me. I didn’t believe her, because my mom is the kind of mom who would have told me if she was going to the next shop. I just told the woman I would go find her when I was done in this shop, and that my mom wouldn’t send a stranger to come get me. The woman looked really surprised and said something like “Well, okay then.” and left. I was pretty shaken. A few minutes later, my mom came out of the back of the shop. I asked her if she has asked the woman to come get me, even though I knew almost for sure she didn’t. My mom of course said no. I waited a very long time before I told my mom what happened.

4. Thank goodness that attendant was there, blue_raspberry_jello.

Once I had to get up really early in the morning to go on a trip for my job. It was about 3:30 in the morning and I had forgotten to go and get gas for my car the night before. I stopped at a gas station about a mile away from my house because it was well-lit and it was in a nicer area. Anyways, I was pumping gas and then I got the weirdest feeling that I needed to move. I moved behind my car and then away from it and then I noticed this huge guy hiding in front of my car. He was sneaking towards me when I got the urge to get away from my car. I was completely alone and I’m just a small girl. I almost always have mace or something with me if I am by myself. This time I had a knife and pulled it out and started screaming bloody murder for him to get the hell away from me. Then he started moving closer around my car to me. I screamed even louder and an attendant came out who called the cops. Definitely one of the scariest moments of my life.

5. that_one_buddy needs to look for a new roommate. 

Woke up in the middle of the night and was oddly 100% alert (no grogginess). I sensed something was off and instantly smelled gas. My bedroom in this house had two doors with one of them leading to the kitchen, so I hop out of bed and fling that door open. That’s when the gas smell became almost unbearable but I ran to the gas oven and flung it open to see a black disc closely resembling what was once a frozen pizza. I turned off the oven and peered into the living room and that’s where i saw my drunkenly passed out and naked roommate. After opening all the windows and kitchen door, I tried to wake his snoring ass up but to no success. The living room didn’t smell at all so I figured he’d be safe for the night and just went back to bed. I still find odd comfort with how quick I reacted to what could have been a very bad situation.

6. get_real_quick‘s mom has a strong intuition.

My mom woke up screaming on the morning of 9/11. My dad was up as usual getting ready to go to work–he worked on Wall Street. My mom told him he needed to call in sick because she had a really bad feeling that something was going to happen if he went in. I think we all though that just meant he was going to get fired or something, and my dad and I are both ultra-rational and tend to scoff at shit like this, so my dad kept getting ready and eating breakfast as usual to catch his usual train out. My brother managed to oversleep, meaning someone had to drive him. My mom leaped at the opportunity to make my dad drive him to school, meaning he’d have to catch the next train out. He watched the towers fall from Hoboken, right across the water. If he had taken the earlier train, like he wanted to, he would have been in the building as it came crashing down.

I asked my brother about it years later, whether he remembered oversleeping that morning. He told me that he had almost forgotten how pissed he was that morning at my mom. While my dad and I were eating breakfast, she had gone to my brother’s room and told him to sleep in. Didn’t stop her from screaming her head off at him when she finally did go wake him up. My mom continues to declare that my brother must have dreamed that she told him that or made it up, but I believe my brother.

7. OnionEyes may never forget that plate. 

When I was a teenager, I pulled up to a gas station and saw a 15-16 year old blonde girl get into a gold colored Oldsmobile with two middle age Hispanic men. She got in willingly but the scene made me really uncomfortable so I memorized the license plate. Later that day, I went back to the same place and saw a brand new “missing” persons poster with her picture. I called the police with the info I had. The car was pulled over two states away and she was reunited with her parents less than 24 hours after the ordeal began. I still remember that license plate after over 20 years.

8. Sphax137 is gonna start locking the door from now on. 

A couple weeks ago I was watching Netflix in my room and I suddenly got a bad feeling in my gut. I felt like something was wrong and I couldn’t shake it off. The last time I had this feeling, my ramen I was heating in the microwave had caught on fire (different story). I ran around my house to see of anything happened, and I found it. I had left my front door unlocked and some asshat had walked in and took a shit on my carpet. They fucking smeared it all over the place and ran away. I’m glad I noticed because they left the door wide open and the shit was still fresh enough to come off without major stains.

9. cookieprotector2 avoided a possible home invasion. 

One night I woke up and my house was completely quite. But I just had this weird feeling so I went down stairs to my front door. That’s when I saw a Drugged out man staring through the front door.

10. bepinkfreud‘s dad saved a life.  

Once when I was young, there was an eclipse on a sunday and we were at a family friends house. The person who’s house it was was meant to be flying that evening. My dad tried making him cancel his tickets because of a bad feeling but the man wouldnt budge. Finally My dad physically restrained him from taking that flight ( I remember since i was young and had never seen them get into a fight like that). The flight crashed.

11. nitotheblue got out in the nick of time. 

Not me but my buddy started to get a weird feeling at a house party we were at. He told me “let’s go!”

Turns out the boyfriend of a girl I kissed the night before pulled up as we got into our car. As we drove off we could hear gunfire.

12. textbooknarcissism‘s got up and out just in time. 

When I was 10 or 11, I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right. I got out of bed and went to my mom’s room but she wasn’t there (it was just me, my mom, and younger brother) so I searched elsewhere in our dark house when she suddenly grabbed me and led me outside, telling me that my father was coming.

My father was not a nice man. My most vivid memory of him is him holding a knife up to my throat threatening to kill me when I was younger.

My mother told me she had already hidden my brother and she took me outside and I hid in the bushes with just enough view of the kitchen window of our house. She went back inside and shortly after I seen headlights in our driveway and my dad get out and go inside. I watched as my parents fought and my dad beat my mom screaming at her asking where his children were. He searched for us outside as well and I’ve never held my breath and sat so still than when he passed the bushes I was hiding in.

TL;DR: Woke up feeling something was wrong, my mother hid me and my brother and my abusive father arrived at our house in search of us.

13. duckface08 trusts his instincts more than most. 

I work as a nurse and I will never forget this one situation.

I was working over a weekend and had a patient who wasn’t doing well. He had end stage lung cancer and there wasn’t much that we could do except help control some of his symptoms. I spent much of the morning running circles around him, trying to get his shortness of breath under control so it was at least tolerable for him. By about lunchtime, I had him feeling well enough to actually sit up for lunch and have a bit of a chat with his wife.

After lunch, I got busy with another patient – the doctor left me a ton of orders that I had to process, including lots of lab work and to start a blood transfusion. Once I had done what I could, something went off in my head and I felt compelled to check on my patient with lung cancer. I hadn’t checked on him in almost an hour, although when I saw him last, I had settled him into bed so he could take a nap. As I neared his room, a feeling of dread grew in the pit of my stomach to the point where I almost didn’t want to go in. When I did go in, I found him already dead.

I’ve had other similar gut feelings as a nurse and I know of other co-workers who have similar stories where they look at a patient and think, “Something is really, really wrong.”

14. The environment changed for Mayor_of_Stupidville.

In my first year in highschool I remember walking home one day with a very bad feeling. It’s not as if I was suspecting anything, everything just felt kind of heavy and looked a few shades darker than normal, like the calm before a storm.

When I got home, my parents informed me and my sister about their plans of getting a break from marriage for a while.

15. Aml2012 will be taking her bf outside to smoke with her. 

Yeah. I stay at my boyfriend’s apartment a lot, and go outside to smoke. I came down one night, just regularly, and something made me pause before I stepped outside. So I stopped and looked through the door windows and there was this dude, staring at me, furiously masturbating. I was like, yep, not happening, and went back upstairs.

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