The first ‘Venom’ teaser trailer is here (Video)

The very first teaser trailer for the upcoming Venom movie is here. I’m more excited for this than I’ve been for a comic book movie in a long time. Lately it’s just been superheroes shooting beams of light at generic demon-type bad guys that explode into puffs of dust and color. I want something gritty. And this new Venom is supposed to be just that. The director said it was going to be more of a sci-fi/horror than the standard comic flick, and for that, we are thankful. It might even be R-rated (fingers crossed). With Tom Hardy playing the title role, I think they can pull it off, and this new trailer makes it seem like they’re headed in the right direction.

PS: Word on the street is they haven’t finished the CGI yet — that’s why you don’t actually see Venom in this trailer.

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