Triple stacked beach babes, face sliding + more clips you need to see (Video)

Shameless drunks, hairless kittens, and ATVs attack in our favorite clips. Grab a beer and let’s watch some internet!
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Bulldog dragged in the snow – User Submitted
Man sleds into fire hydrant – User Submitted
Man sinks snow mobile trying to skim pond – User Submitted
Man’s fed up with winter snow – Via ViralHog
Guy dancing on boat face plants – Via ViralHog
Triple stacked beach babes – Via Contentbible
Naked ATV rider – Via Storyful
ATV hits guys head after jump fail – User Submitted
Motorcycle slides under semi truck – Via Jukin Media
Cat eats catnip out of cleavage – User Submitted
Man gets a hand job at the bar – User Submitted
Woman dries panties on airplane – Via ViralHog
Guy pees on elevator buttons and it malfunctions – Via Newsfalre
Kid is mesmerized by dancing woman – User Submitted
Kid falls asleep eating pizza – User Submitted
Woman does acrobatic beer chug – Via Jukin Media
Girl fails trying to jump foot – User Submitted
Woman playing guitar breaks hammock – Via Newsflare

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