If you f*ck with someone’s mom, prepare for righteous, pissed-off son karma (Video)

A man returning from soccer practice to his mother’s home in Middlesbrough, northeast England, found two men “harassing” his ill mother and proceeded to knock one of them out with a punch to the face.

The man who gets out of the car approaches and punches one of the men and shouts at the other: “I’m not having it, you don’t talk to my mum like that!”

The ruckus wakes one of the mother’s other sons, who was apparently asleep upstairs. He comes outside and drags the floored man to outside the gates of his mother’s property before going back inside.

A third brother, who was not at the house at the time, said: “[My] brother turned up after playing football to find [had] men been threatening and harassing my mam (who suffers from fibromyalgia) to get in the house and after being asked for ages to go away, they wouldn’t leave!

“God knows what would have happened if nobody came! Mam didn’t realise her other son was also in the house asleep upstairs.”

Via Newsflare/Darrenmurrell

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