“Cops” TV cam crew chases fleeing felon in Highway edition of ATARI “Leap Frog” (Video)

You just gotta laugh at this situation:
1. Highway lane-crossing Police Chase
2. “Cops” TV cam crew chasing suspect…while filming footage for the show
3. Memories of the classic ATARI game “Leap Frog”
Here’s the story from the random couple,
that caught it all while driving down the highway:
“October 3, 2019, in San Antonio Texas my partner and I were driving home when to the left of us appeared to be a pursuit, so I started to record.
The truck suddenly stopped in front of us on the opposite side of the highway.
It had lost control due to a blown tire which caused the truck to drive to the right of the highway towards the middle barricade.
We noticed two men jumping out of the window in an attempt to flee the scene. The driver immediately was apprehended by police and the passenger jumped the highway in front of our truck to flee from the police.
Behind him (fleeing suspect), officers followed…
…And behind them the ‘Cops’ camera crew.

It was a crazy experience.”
Via ViralHog

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