Some Genius Added Blood And Gore To ‘Home Alone’ Scenes

It’s something you can hardly avoid thinking every time you watch the Home Alone movies (the first two I mean, not the straight-to-DVD trashcan fires): “That would have killed him. 100%. Dead. Immediately.”

And you’re correct! An iron to the face. A blowtorch to the head. Actual doctors have weighed in on the issue, and pretty much everyone agrees: crushed skulls and melted brains don’t bode well for, you know, continuing to be alive.

But what about the blood and gore? It’s a kids movie, sure, but a little realism wouldn’t hurt, right? Enterprising YouTuber BitMassive recently decided to have a go at anchoring everyone’s favorite holiday comedy in reality with a segment he called “Home Alone With Blood.” Check it…

Part 1:

Part 2:

h/t deathandtaxes

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