Dude Suddenly Realizes Where He’s Seen His Tinder Date Before

Most of you remember Kendra Sunderland as the hottie who got kicked out of Oregon State University for rubbing one out in the library while streaming live to millions of horny dudes. Others (Ok, me) remember her from the 30 minutes (Ok, 1.5 minutes) you spent on Pornhub earlier this morning. (She’s a porn star now, if you can imagine such a thing.)

One lucky son of a bitch Tinder user remembers her too. Or at least now he does.

After matching with Kendra recently, this unknown gentleman started doing some research, certain he’d seen her somewhere before.

Sure enough, he cracked the code, snapping this hilarious pic during their date at Chili’s.


Now, being an Internet connoisseur I feel like I have to mention that this whole thing does seem a little fake. But do I really care? No. And you shouldn’t either. Just laugh and then enjoy some of Kendra’s greatest hits…

Like this.


And this.


And, because it’s Hump Day.


Follow up: Her boyfriend posted the pic.


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