This Italian actress is fulfilling her promise to blow everyone who voted ‘no’ on a referendum.

As a general rule, we try to steer clear of politics here at theCHIVE. But rules are made to be broken! Like, say, when smoking hot Italian actress and model Paola Saulino offered to personally suck-start her Instagram followers into choosing “no” on a recent referendum.

The referendum, if you care (and let’s be honest, even most of the voters probably didn’t) essentially laid the groundwork for an Italian exit from the EU, and, not surprisingly, failed to pass.

Now, being a woman of her word, Paola has embarked on the first, 22-day leg of her “Pompa Tour” (“pompa,” or “pump” being Italian slang for dick-sucking) to blow “everyone” who can prove they voted “no.”

In a recent update, she wrote, “First step of #pompatour is gone! And #sscnapoli won! Great day, great match! A little bit tired but everything is ok.”


She also posted a nice little selfie saying “it takes balls #goodmorning #shhh #fuck #fuckyou #ass #myassisbetterthanyourface.”


Now, there’s no way to truly verify if she’s blowing every guy in Italy right now, but she says she has sold the exclusive rights to her story to a newspaper/television company, and will make a documentary about her travels. So we might know for sure soon!

In the meantime, try to get yourself a fake referendum ballot from Italy and head on over there. Or maybe just enjoy a few more hits from her Instagram…



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