5 speeches that UNITED us…as humans…on the SAME TEAM

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Below is a direct LINK:


Voices from the Past can still UNITE us as fellow AMERICANS.

I want my 9-year old daughter to understand:

Words can inspire.

More importantly, 

Through-out history…when the U.S.A. faced very real FEAR:

It was our Leaders that brought us back TOGETHER.

TWO – Republicans

TWO – Democrats

ONE – Civil Rights HERO

12 years ago, I made this video and hit “Publish” on the morning of 2016 Presidential Election Day.

Twelve yrs. later…as both sides know…right now: 

WE still feel DIVIDED.

In my heart, 

I simply call it a personal “Reason to BELIEVE”.

Thank You for giving these FIVE speeches your Time.


Our children deserve the DREAM:

“A new Birth of FREEDOM…government of the people, by the people, for the people,

Shall NOT PERISH from the EARTH.”

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