Ambush leaves separated soldier fighting for his life (Video)

Warning: there is bad language in this video.
An ambush in Afghanistan left a single soldier separated from his team. He is not completely alone, there is also a person from the Afghan National Army (ANA) there too. However the ANA guy freezes-up and takes cover during the firefight. As you will see in the video, the American soldier is not only exchanging fire with the enemy but he is also keeping that ANA guy alive.
There is a “beautiful” moment in the video where the American shares one sentence with the Taliban attackers (it involves the “F” word).
Detail for non-military Chivers on the weapon being used by the soldier. It is an M4 Carbine rifle with a mounted M320 grenade launcher. Also, watch as the American “checks his six”, he’s watching for enemies that may be coming at him from the sides (think clock on that phrase). Plus, considering the desperate situation, he keeps calm and does his best to lay down covering fire while also trying to conserve his ammo.
One last note for the Military Chivers: I wasn’t able to see footage of the soldier’s ACU (Army Combat Uniform), I believe this video is of an Army “Soldier” but if anyone catches a moment while he’s reloading his ol’ friend, (the M4/320 rifle) it could possibly be a “Marine”…let me know in the comments.
Training and a cool head keeps this guy alive. He was able to bring back some awesome helmet cam footage to show his buddies and now you guys. Big old hangin’ balls is all I can say.

This video was made by our friends at FUNKER530. If you’d like to check out more of their POV combat footage, check them out HERE

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