Beach model gets a salty surprise + more clips you need to see this week! (Video)

Front flip over a picnic table fail – Via ViralHog
Girl knees guy in the groin – Via ViralHog
Drunk man falls off golf range – Via Jukin Media
Rope swinging into alligator water – Via ViralHog
Woman does an 83 foot cliff jump – Via ViralHog
Riding a motorized beer cooler – Via ViralHog
Biker races a marmot on trail – Via Jukin Media
Kid delivers the head of Optimus Prime – Via Jukin Media
Creepy bobblehead panhandler – Via Jukin Media
Model gets wiped out by wave – Via ViralHog
Girl thinks she has no bottom lip after surgery – User Submitted
Man chases away bear with broom – Via ViralHog

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