Birthday Blonde Gets Slammed + More Clips You Need To See This Week! (Video)

Birthday girl face-plant – User Submitted
Guy escapes getting bit by rattle snake – Via Jukin Media
Free shot in Thailand – Via ViralHog
Perfect pool slide – Via Jukin Media
Kayaker crash into tree – Via Caters Clips
$35,000 model jet crash – Via ViralHog
Girl does yoga for cows – Via Jukin Media
Guy lights firework in truck – Via ViralHog
Drunk guy hits the deck – Via ViralHog
Old man does sexual push-ups – User Submitted
Bouncy motorcycle ride – Via ViralHog
Kids ride into wall – Via Jukin Media
Possum mom carries babies – Via ViralHog
Bear rides shotgun – Via ViralHog
Dog tries yoga – Via Jukin Media

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