Cowboys cheerleader in yoga pants…heck, I’ll watch frisbee golf (Video)

A pro disk frisbee player married a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader named Kelsey Lawrence Smith…and he’s attempting to teach her. Proof that everything’s better in yoga pants.
Video Source on Instagram: @brodiesmith21
Photo Source from Kelsey Lawrence Smith on Instagram: @kelseylowrance
From Kelsey:
“Now that I have had a couple of hours to digest how unbelievably electric yesterday was, I still cannot believe how blessed I am to be able to cheer on America’s Team on such an unforgettable day. Being able to share the field with over 400 first responders to the attacks on 9/11 AND former President George W. Bush and the former First Lady. I will hold and cherish those moments forever and always! Win or Lose, we are America’s Team!”

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