Hardcore “Girl with the LED Tattoos” ZOOMED way past “pot-committed” (Video)

This may be the strangest “Find Her”, in a non-sexual way, that I’ve ever come across.
I found this GIF that I converted to video (and had to add a few “edit for safe to view” boxes…sorry).
Although, I couldn’t track down the original video; I think that I’ve found a Russian web-site that explains “How it’s Done”.
Basically, glowing tattoo ink has been around for a few years. This seems to be the next step into “Hardcore pot-committed” light-up tattoos.
If ya’ll have feed-back, let me know in the comments.
And “yes” it is kind of gross but I bet this gal can Rock-in-Bed.
Chive commenter “Thomas” found the Source: Instagram @keegan.sweeney.tattooer…”Keegan Sweeney, he did the tattoo”
REAL video Source on Keegan Sweeney’s IG
H/t to original GIF Source: 9Gag.com user “Mehndi

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