HOT Girl vs. prodigy STUNT-kid…well, you’ll see (Video)

Two funny video submits on Instagram @thechive

From Dad of swinging kid:
“My son wanted to show me how he can jump of his swing.. he wanted a slow motion video so he could see it. This was not what either of us expected to happen.”
CALL-OUT to Chivers:
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Source: Jump rope girl video on Instagram @theChive

Source: Kid swinging video on Instagram @theChive

Kid swinging video Submitted/Follow Instagram @jglaeser_kongvalley

Jump rope girl video Submitted/Follow Instagram @scott_mathison_

Girl in video is named Demi Bagby.
Follow her on Instagram @demibagby/

Source “back flip” video: @demibagby/
Source “smile-flip” video: @demibagby/

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