I broke into John’s house and took over December’s Chive Box (Video)

There’s two things that are certain here at theCHIVE; theCHIVE Box is the best deal you can get, and John’s garage code is 6969. So I took advantage of both, and have taken over December’s Chive Box. I can’t reveal what exclusive products are included, but I can tell you that the December box comes with the BFM Coin in the box, for all new subscribers (if you’re a current subscriber, you can claim your coin HERE, and if you’ve already claimed your coin, it’s on the way). The coin alone is a $100 value, giving you 20% off all purchases, completely ad-free experience on theCHIVE, entrance to all official Chive events, and free drinks at theCHIVE HQ every Friday of December.

But that’s not all I’ve dropped in. Over the last seven years, I’ve been keeping a file of all the crazy things that happen behind the scenes here at theCHIVE. Things that John does not want you to see and I will be in a decent amount of trouble for releasing. It’s all packed onto a thumbdrive included in the box.

New subscribers can sign up right HERE. Make it snappy, though, there are limited spaces and they’ll fill up fast.

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