John Deere adds at least 3.2 horsepower to the race (Video)

What happens when a cocky guy in a tuned-up Nissan Z350 goes against zie German’s Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG?
You can probably guess. However, how badly does it happen when you tack on a John Deere tractor?
It’s an oldie video for automotive fans but worth it, if ya haven’t seen ‘er before.
“A friend approached me to race this 350z who claimed to have beaten a Mercedes C63. I found that hard to believe and brushed it off. My friend called me while mowing my lawn and insisted to race him once more. I thought it would be hilarious to not only beat him, but to embarrass him to teach him a lesson. I loaded my mower onto the trailer to and attached the 1000+ pounds to even the odds. Needless to say the odds were still in my favor.”
Watch Tam Mus full video of both races HERE

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