‘Merica ain’t Nat Geo: Oklahoma City guy narrates Hawk hunting on the Highway (Video-audio required)

Just imagine if National Geographics hired a narrator…from Oklahoma City?
Welp, here ya go…just let the pure ‘Merica play-out.
From video source/voice:
“We had just left our house in Oklahoma City, headed to breakfast, when we caught this action on busy Southwest 15th street under interstate 44. It was early, so the traffic wasn’t that bad yet. I saw the hawk swoop in out of the corner of my eye and land on the bird. I told my fiance I was going to turn on my flashers and start filming and we weren’t moving until it was over. We came back by hours later and the bird that it killed was still there. the hawk flew away and looked like it was scared to come back and get it after what happened.”
Via Viral Hog

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