Mini-guns ’n Rockets “holy SH*T power” of Venom attack helicopter (Video)

Marines call in steel rain from deadly Venom UH-1Y attack helicopter.
These old ‘Nam era choppers have been re-purposed to bring in the nasty GAU-17 mini-gun firepower.
The GAU-17 minigun rate of fire can be set up to 100 rounds PER SECOND.
1-of-7 is a tracer round. So what you see is +6 sounds on target.
Along with multiple rockets to targets on the battlefield.
They usually work side-by-side with the USMC Cobra attack helicopters to go into hot-zones for Marine extraction.
Pretty cool in my opinion. -Rick
Source: DoD released on DVIDs by Sgt. Daniel D. Kujanpaa

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