Miracle brave FD survived explosion…ya gotta see to believe (Video)

“WAIT FOR IT”…then read what happened.
(as in watch second half of video)
From Police Officer/Volunteer Firefighter named William Christopher:
“Our crews responded to a reported Structure Fire. Crews were met with heavy fire in the rear, venting out of the roof. Upon deploying handlines and beginning to advance, a roughly 400-pound propane tank exploded. Debris from the explosion landed as far as 200 meters away causing two secondary fires, including a large grass fire.
3 firefighters were sent to the hospital via Ambulance,
Luckily with MINOR injuries.
Mutual aid from 3 other departments attended to assist.
*Edit. You will notice a captain walking from the left frame to the right. A 360 was conducted and these tanks were identified as a hazard. As an incoming truck, I was also notified over the air of the hazards. A line was being established to attempt to cool the tanks when this went off. These were 2 seasoned career firefighters who know what they are doing and kept fighting the fire well after this explosion.”
Source: Firefighter William Christopher on Instagram @william.398

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