Morning FIREPOWER of Navy SEALs Spc. Ops. COMBAT CRAFT (Video)

“Swick, the best-kept SECRET within the U.S. Navy” -SWCC Instructor
Last week, I posted a photo of the Navy’s awesome Special Warfare Combatant-Craft crewmen firing their “mini-guns” (GAUs) and a request for a post on these bad-A** Spc. Ops. teams.
This is a “Who are they” video.
I’ll post a WALLPAPER gallery today that is pure Firepower Eye-Candy…enjoy the warm-up lap.
Also, crank the audio for a lil’ extra fun. -Rick
Source text:
They’ve been called the Navy’s best-kept secret: naval special warfare combatant craft crewmen. They go by the name “swick.” If you’re near the water and need to get out of a tight jam, these are the guys you want helping you. Watch and see what it takes to become a SWCC operator and see how they bring an amazing array of firepower in small, but nimble, packages.
Source: DVIDs DoD released by Brad Kimberly

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