New Camaro challenges a 1969 Chevelle SS (Video)

I was leaving a cars and coffee event. As I was leaving in my 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS, there was a bunch of cars revving engines. There was a pack of new Camaros and a Coyote Mustang that followed me onto the freeway. One of the Camaro’s caught up to me, passed me, and then slowed down right next to me as if taunting me to run. The passenger was telling me to hit it, so I dropped my car into second gear and waited for him to make his move. As soon as I heard his car and saw him move, I floored it, shifted into third, and let off. By that time, I was long gone. It seemed like he did not stay in it since my car left pretty hard. They eventually caught up on an exit. We gave each other thumbs up and went our ways. I’m sure it surprised them being since it’s an old Chevelle.
Via ViralHog

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