Pilot records 2 carrier landings within 24-hours: NIGHT vs. DAY (Video)

Naval pilot Carl Vause captured both videos ON THE SAME DAY back in 1997 while landing an S-3 Viking on the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln (CVN-72).
The now retired S-3 Viking was first flown in 1972. It was built for anti-submarine warfare during the Cold War. Into the 90s, Vikings were later used in the First Gulf War, primarily as an aircraft carrier based surveillance and electronic warfare plane with additional capabilities such as providing in-flight refueling for other Naval aircraft.
Mr. Vause went through old VHS dash cam footage to digitize and then splice the 2 videos together for an amazing POV showing the scary difference between Night and Day landing on a moving target out at Sea.

For real DISCERNING EYES on the spliced LEAD IMAGE:
I flipped the day-time aircraft carrier images to give perspective on CVN-72’s control tower as it got closer-and-closer. -Rick

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