Patriotic dog sings along to “Taps” (Video)

Origin of the song “Taps”:

The tune comes from the Dutch word “taptoe”, which meant “close the beer taps and send the troops back to camp”.

During America’s Civil War (1861-65) a Medal of Honor recipient named Daniel Butterfield replaced the Army’s previous “lights out” tune with the song “Taps”.

“Taps” would take on a new meaning in July of 1862 when a Corporal from the Army’s 2nd Artillery died in battle. The Captain of this unit, John Francis Tidball, wanted his fallen soldier buried with full Military Honors but his request to fire three guns over the grave was refused. Tidball later wrote, “The thought suggested itself to me to sound taps instead, which I did. The idea was taken up by others, until in a short time it was adopted by the entire Army and is now looked upon as the most appropriate and touching part of a Military funeral.”

Many of the Military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery will conclude by playing the tune to honor the fallen.

Every year on Memorial Day the song is played during the Military wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This black labrador seems to think he should not take a knee when the song is being played.

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