“Oh sh*t” weapons malfunction (Video)

The tracked anti-aircraft gun vehicle is a ZSU 23-4 “Shilka”. Its origins began in the Cold War with the first versions entering service in 1965. She is armed with four 23mm 2A7 auto-cannons. Each of the four 2A7 guns can fire at a rate of 850-1,000 rounds per minute for a combined max rate of fire between 3,400-4,000. However that number is hypothetical because the Shilka can only carry 2,000 rounds and the auto cannons are loaded in 50-round belts. That being said, the turret can rotate 360 degrees and can fire while moving. As you can see by the tracers consistently bouncing off the target, it is also pretty accurate…but today the vodka got into its system and this Shilka decided to have some fun.
Last note on the video: no one was killed, the gunner was hospitalized but only had a slight neck injury from the whiplash.

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