“Spooky” is the killer weapon (Video)

The AC-130 is a gun ship that waits above to bring 3 types of destructive firepower on bad guys below. At the start of the video, the audio may seem off…it’s not, the bullets hit and the sound waves follow after. Welcome to an old workhorse that still strike fear to those who want to set-up IEDs during the night. When it’s above, you don’t want to be the target.

AC-130U variants have 3 gun systems.
Small/fast to the Big Boomer:
1. AC-130U Gatling Cannon
Fires 25mm Caliber rounds at a rate of 1,800 rounds per Minute as in, 30 rounds every Second.

2. “L/60 Bofors cannon”
Fires 40mm Caliber rounds (1.5inches in diameter) at a rate of 120 rounds per Minute.

3. “M102 Howitzer”
These 105mm rounds jolt the aircraft when fired.

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