Star Wars toys: 30 seconds that started it all (Video)

Back in 1977, the future toy market for Star Wars had not been launched. Toy company Kenner had created the first figures BUT they didn’t have boxes to sell on the store shelves. They created the “Star Wars Early Bird Kit” in which parents could mail in their money and later, their kids would get a plain box with the first toy characters. This is the first commercial ever launched…just in time for the ’77 Christmas season.

Included was the following:
Luke Skywalker – with double telescoping lightsaber
Princess Leia
Chewbacca – with Green Crossbow
And plastic pegs to put on the toy’s feet which would connect to an action display stand.

In 1977 the set retailed for $9.99. Fast forward to today where the opened package set goes for around $900 to a thousand bucks.
The unopened box set can fetch in the range of $3,500.

To view an example of the “Early Bird” kit, click HERE

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