Surfer Girl Gets Jumped In Ocean Turf War + More Clips You Need To See This Week! (Video)

Surfer chick attacked by fish – Via Jukin Media
Tank drifts into lamp post – Via Jukin Media
Potato gun cannon failure – Via Jukin Media
RC plane nails guy in the face – Via Jukin Media
Jet boat jumps over land – Via Caters Clips
Kid on mountain bike flips over fence – Via Viral Video UK
Dog helps little boy get food – Via ViralHog
Kids cover house in blue paint – Via Caters Clips
Guy uses slack line to load dirt bike – Via Jukin Media
Baby elephant chases birds – Via Jukin Media
Fight at the Royal Ascot Race – Via ViralHog
Dog hangs out with chickens – Via ViralHog

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